Wednesday, June 16, 2010

SATC2 - the follow-up

Ripped from the headlines in Entertainment Weekly. This is a paragraph written by Owen Gleiberman, reviewer for Entertainment Weekly. He writes with very much the same sentiment as I about Sex and the City 2.


If you believed the reviews, then the whole Sex and the City kingdom, in a word, was over. The movie was Abu Dhabi doo-doo! I, however, will go on record and say: I am not tired of these ladies. I thought the scenes with Carrie and Big had a convincing and subtle domestic flow, and that the Abu Dhabi sequence, although 20 minutes too long, was funnier, more resonant, and more sustained than the Mexico sequence in the first film. I enjoyed Sex and the City 2 because I still relished the chance to bask in their quickness and silliness, their valor and confusion, their passion, their presence. I want to see what happens to them next...if there is a next.

My sentiments exactly. Thank you Owen for voicing your publicly.

Bring on their next chapter. There are designer labels and bags just waiting to be purchased for opening weekend.