Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Diary of Lydia Duprée - Part 1

Entry 1 – Day 3

My name is Lydia Duprée. I’ve been taken away from my life and away from my family. I realized not long after waking from my drug-induced sleep that I was in a familiar place albeit distant in my memory. There’s a calendar on the wall beside the door. The day I was left here is circled in red. It took me the three days I’ve been sealed behind the door to remember why I recognize my prison.

I am locked in a secret room in the basement of my own home, Willow Ridge. Escape seems impossible. I don’t know who locked me in here, nor do I know if my family knows I’m missing.

The headache I felt when I awoke in the darkness of this room brought the memory and terror streaming back to my mind. I can still feel the handkerchief over my nose and mouth, the stench of the chemical used to knock me out making me want to vomit.

I am thankful to have this pen and paper on which to write so that in the event of my death my ordeal will be made known.

©2011 Michael Rohrer