Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Observations from behind the Glass

People who see a show over and over with free tickets and always seem to pick up the tickets at my window think that I remember them just because they remember me. Most of the time I do remember them, but act as if I don't.

The same homeless man asking me for change at roughly the same time, while I sit in the same seat, two days in a row, waiting for the N/R train to take me to work. I recognize him, I doubt he recognizes me. His clothes still look better than homeless.

People ask a question at the box office window and don't get the answer they want so they go to another window at the same box office and ask the same question of another person. As if we aren't standing right next to each other behind the glass, hearing all the answers given to each patron.

Madonna albums still hold up no matter when they were recorded. Bedtime Stories and Ray of Light being just two examples.

People think that being completely exasperated when they come to the window to tell their sob story will change the outcome. I say calm down, tell the story, and we'll figure out the solution. Most of the time the answer is simple.

Folgers commercials at holiday time always make me emotional.

Nyquil does not keep you asleep all night long and the dreams while you are sleeping are usually pretty f'd up!

Why do people care so much about Jon & Kate, Octomom, and Levi's penis?

The reaction when someone knocks on the glass to get my attention never changes.

People who buy vouchers for Altar Boyz on the street and then ask, "What's Altar Boyz about?" when they come to the box office to redeem the vouchers for tickets never ceases to amaze me.

When making a trip into the City, long distance, leave your dog at home. You can't leave it in your car in a parking lot or garage and you can't bring it to Avenue Q. What were you thinking?

I find it amazing that there are 6 doors to enter/exit New World Stages. One of the doors is broken and that is the door people attempt to use more than any other door. I watch them push and push and then finally move over three inches and exit through a working door.

I'm just sayin'!