Friday, February 19, 2010

The Courage of Leigh Ann & Jenny

It only takes a moment to change your life, or someone else's. What happens when you decide to help someone who has nothing? How is their life changed? How is yours? What happens when you decide that an education is not important? You decide that instead of a life filled with boredom, as you perceive those who are educated, you would rather live a life of fun and excitement? A life which you think can be provided by another person. Only to find out when you've given up everything, the other person was a fake.

I can't even begin to imagine the courage it took for Leigh Anne Tuohy to open her home to Michael Oher. I don't know what it feels like to have that much generosity. I have received loads of kindness, love, and generosity from my family and friends, but I've never opened my heart that wide for any one.

I don't know Leigh Anne Tuohy. My only reference is Sandra Bullock's performance in the film "The Blind Side." She's an amazing human being in my opinion.

Jenny, played by Cary Mulligan in "An Education," decides that girls who go to college, in the 60's, live only boring lives as educators or civil servants. Her father wants her to go to Oxford. Her teachers want her to go to Oxford. Truth be told, she wants to go to Oxford. However, the excitement she finds in life with an older man is too exciting for the normalcy of teenage life. She gives up her education and accepts a marriage proposal only to realize it was a mistake. The good thing is, her teacher has a generous heart. Her life is not over, and mistakes are just mistakes.

Both of the above are life changing experiences. Both of these women took chances. Leigh Anne's paid off in a big way. She opened her heart and expanded her family. Jenny's paid off by allowing her to learn something very important about herself. She did want college. She learned that she could create her own life of excitement while also acquiring an education.

Both films are nominated for an Academy Award for Best Picture and both actresses are nominated for Best Actress. Having a good time at the movies is what we always strive for. Learning something while having a good time is something I personally find exciting.