Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Search Is On

The great apartment search has begun. A mere six months after I moved into the current apartment I'm ready to leave it. I've been happy to be in a space that is all my own, but unhappy with the place that I chose to make my own. One's home should be a place to feel comfort. A place to relax. A place that is a sanctuary from the hard life of the City. The place to which Calgon takes you away. It should not be a place you avoid. I avoid mine all of the time. I find excuses to not be there. I go to Barnes & Noble for the umpteenth time and look at the books I wish I had, but don't need, just to avoid going home.

My anxiety and stress levels overwhelm me sometimes at the thought of being in my apartment. Especially on weekends. It stems solely from the noise level. I'm sure that other city dwellers might be able to block out the noises that annoy me. I'm the one living here right now though, not them.

So the search is on. I'm looking for someone to take over my lease at the same time that I'm searching for a new place to live. My search is centered in Astoria, Queens. I think to find what I'm looking for it might be time to leave Manhattan. Even saying that out loud makes me take a second to just breathe. I love Manhattan. I've had a love affair/hate affair with her for almost 13 years. Mostly a love affair. When you've done something for that long it's hard to give it up. Maybe it's scarier than it is hard. Anyway, I have to give Queens a try. I might find my serenity and be happier than I've ever been in my life.

I'll never know until I try right? Right!