Friday, May 28, 2010


Haters will always hate I guess. In this case, the haters are the reviewers of "Sex and the City 2". I'm not sure what they were expecting, but I had a fantastic time. Michael Patrick King knows the ladies and knows how to write for them. So what if they still whine and complain about their lives? So what if their lives are pretty damn cushy? We all complain. Living in a fabulous apartment in Astoria, I still find something to complain about. None of us want boring, hum-drum lives. We all want excitement. Living in New York City, there is so much energy and sometimes you just need to live in it and soak it up, and that means getting off the sofa. But sometimes the sofa is exactly what you want.

I'm talking to myself here. I need to get off the sofa more.

I was taken by complete surprise by some of the reviews that I read for SATC2. How can anyone say the ladies and their problems are tired? How can we have outgrown them? They are basically the same as when we fell in love with them on HBO. Just a little older and wiser. Confronting life's problems or situations with the same personality they always had. I was just excited to visit with them for another 2.5 hours. Yes, 2.5 hours, and I never looked at my watch once. Why would I? I was soaking it up.

Movies are escapism. I escaped my life for a brief moment and went on a journey with four fabulous gals from Manhattan. So what if the depiction of the life they lead is unrealistic! A guy can dream can't he!

Watching SATC always inspires me to take advantage of what my city has to offer. It makes me want to live a fuller life. I want to visit different areas, go to new restaurants, go antiquing, find a new wine bar. I don't always follow through, but the ladies inspire me. Isn't that what they should do? Help me escape while inspiring me to live?

I was there on opening night, Ziegfeld Theater on West 54th Street, with three of my friends. We sat in a full movie theater and laughed out loud so often that we missed the lines following the joke. There was no regret and never a dull moment. We were there, relishing the chance to hang out with Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda and Samantha once again.

Post movie, we went back to Michael's house where I made Cosmo's and we consumed fruits, cheeses, hummus, and chocolate. There was lots of laughter there too. We sat around the living room wearing Tynan's shoes and enjoying our friendship as much as we were enjoying our drinks.

Inspired by them: yes. Tired of them: NO!