Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Janie, Leah and a Whym of a Good Time

Wednesday night, December 30th, my cousin Leah and her mom, Janie arrived in the City. We had plans to have dinner after I got off work that night at 8:30pm. They met me at New World Stages after they checked in and got settled at the Waldorf-Astoria. I made a reservation for the three of us at Whym for 9pm. We were a little late as Leah got turned around leaving the hotel and headed east toward Lex instead of west toward 9th. It wasn't a problem though. The restaurant wasn't crowded so there was no danger of us losing our table.

First things first, the wine menu was perused and glasses of wine were ordered by each of us. That's probably what we wanted most anyway. We finally made our choices for dinner. Vermont cheddar spiked meatloaf for Janie, free range chicken breast with sundried tomato gnocchi for me, and a salad topped with pan seared salmon for Leah. I hadn't seen Janie in five years so we had such a good time catching up. Comfortable dinner conversation accented with a glass of wine and punctuated with laughter is the best. Leah and I each had two more glasses of wine. The restaurant closed at 11pm, but no one asked us to leave. Nor did they treat us in a manner reflecting their desire for us to leave. In fact, one particular waiter asked us if we wanted more wine. That same waiter who brought us our last glass said that if they really wanted us to leave they would have played some awful Willie Nelson song. No such music choice. It was good music the entire night.

We left Whym as the minute hand neared the hour hand at the 12. We headed toward the subway so that the two of them could purchase metrocards. Then the three of us headed to our respective homes.