Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A Lazy New Year's Day

The first day of twenty-ten brought nothing but a lot of sitting around and switching positions.

I awoke on Michael's sofa, feeling very well rested, to an image of Corey with a Mammy head wrap on his head. This boy from Louisiana never ceases to keep me laughing. He thickened his southern accent and slaved at the mixin' bowl making pancakes for us. After the plain batter was complete, he asked if I wanted blueberries or brown sugar and cinnamon in my pancakes. I went with brown sugar and cinnamon as I'd never had that before. Custom made pancakes to start the new year. Katrin arrived to meet Tynan. The two of them were driving to Long Island that morning. Tynan made coffee. I had mine with heavy cream and a spoon of sugar. What the hell, it's the morning of a brand new year and decade. Why not be decadent. It was goodness all around. I had three pancakes and three half mugs of coffee. I was wallowing in it. Michael, still feeling tired from his illness, whatever it was, was still sleeping. He missed all of the breakfast festivities.

Tynan and Katrin left for Long Island and Corey joined me in the living room. I was in charge of the remote. I was watching "The Golden Girls." Imagine that, me watching a marathon of "The Golden Girls." Corey wanted to know if "The View" was on, but I didn't know. He didn't seem to want to bother checking. I switched to Cartoon Network for a marathon of "Looney Tunes." Lord I love me a good "Looney Tunes" cartoon. Michael awoke shortly after that channel change and I told him we didn't have to watch "Looney Tunes." He said, "Thank God" and took the remote. I was happy to concede control. We watched "Obese and Pregnant." Ya'll that is some crazy mess. Morbidly obese and pregnant. Health in danger. Barely able to breathe or get around on your own. It was hard to watch, but we sat there with the inability to look away much like when you see an accident. You don't want to look, but you can't stop yourself. We were able to stop ourselves during the next program. "I Eat 33,000 Calories A Day." I was so thankful that Michael couldn't watch because I was having a hard time. Seven hundred pounds and can't leave your bed so you just lay there and eat. It was just disgusting. Thankfully, the channel was changed.

I don't remember exactly how things transpired after that. I know there was a point when Michael asked me if I had to work that day. I didn't. He suggested I just hang out and spend the night again if I wanted. I did. Corey went to the gym, returned home to shower, then headed into Manhattan Michael and I watched "Robin Williams: Weapons of Self Destruction" followed by "He's Just Not That Into You." Both were enjoyable and funny. During the latter, Michael asked if I would mind switching seats with him. I was on the sofa and he was using his favorite chair. No problem. The tired one quickly fell asleep while I finished the movie. I continued to swallow Tylenol Severe Cold at four hour intervals to keep my congestion at bay. It wasn't really working, but I kept trying.

After waking from his nap, Michael asked what we were going to eat for dinner. The day had faded into night. Where had it all gone? I was wearing yesterday's clothes and just enjoying the peace, quiet, and nothing to do. Michael wanted sushi, so we ordered delivery and began contemplating a movie to watch for the evening. It came down to "The Hangover," "The Proposal," and "Angels & Demons." The latter got our vote. Michael pressed a button and ordered it from Movies On Demand. That's a nice little option that I've never taken advantage of. I might have to give it a try.

The movie was a good choice. Exciting and interesting. It captured the page turning quality of the book in my opinion. Our dinner was good. All in all it was a nice relaxing day to kick off the new year.

Sleep did not come as easily that night. I tossed and turned quite a bit. It probably was a combination of my cold and the fact that I had my alarm set for 7:45am. I find that when I go to bed with an early alarm set it affects my sleep. I got up at 7:30am, got dressed in Thursday's clothes, and headed to the train to take me to my apartment. I needed to shower and be at work by 9:30am.

The routines of life were starting again. With no acknowledgment that we had started a new year. It was back to the old grind. That's not such a bad thing though. We need our routines as long as they don't become ruts.