Monday, October 5, 2009

Crawfish Etouffee and The Walkers

Another Sunday, another trip to Queens. I must say I'm enjoying my 3 hour vacations from Manhattan on Sundays. There was a cool breeze blowing on this Fall evening as I sat on the platform waiting for the train to take me back into Manhattan to my little home on an island of 8 million.

Tonight my friend Michael made Crawfish Etouffee for dinner. I had never had crawfish before so I was excited for the flavor that eventually burst in my mouth. It was a cross between shrimp and lobster in its taste with peppers, onions, garlic, and a little something special that Michael's mom uses, simmered together and served over brown rice. It was slap-yo-momma good. Honestly, I had seconds.

Before we could finish dinner we had to spend a little time with the Housewives. Seems to me that Wisteria Lane is once again a dangerous street on which to live. So much for suburbia. I do so enjoy the deceptions though.

The real pleasure of the night, and reason for the Etouffee, was spending some time with the Walkers. I love Brothers & Sisters. I've always been able to see myself in Kevin. Sure he's gay and so am I, but I should have gotten royalty checks during that first season. Good Lord the similarities. Now Kevin has left me behind in that he has committed to Scotty while I'm still single. On a positive note, I did ask someone out today. He declined, but at least I did it. The way the Walkers talk to each other and bicker with each and love each other is something to aspire to. I have that in a sense with my sister and three of my cousins. There are times we might as well be the Walker siblings. We've called each other their names before. I think it is safe to say that Sunday from 10-11pm is my favorite hour of television.

I get inspired watching the fantastic actors live and breathe the characters they portray. The writing is so good. Sally Field as Nora plays out every emotion as the mother of five children. Five children that are all different yet similar at the same time. They stand by each other, help each other, they can't keep a secret, and they love a good glass of wine or three. I myself usually have wine right along with them. I don't care how many arguments erupt around the dinner table at yet another family gathering. It's like watching people you know. It feels grounded enough that if you were visiting Pasadena, you could go by Nora's and join her for a cup of coffee.

None of it is real. I know that. But each week the writers give us a little taste of a close-knit family that sticks together through thick and thin. Through drug addiction, rehab, death, divorce, coming out, marriage, dating, cheating spouses, new found siblings. There are tears and laughter. Not just on screen either. Just don't look at me while I'm crying. I get a little embarrassed.

In two weeks I will be spending some much needed time with my "Walkers" I'm looking forward to the laughs, new memories, dinners, and yes, the wine.