Monday, October 19, 2009

Nashadena Weekend ~ Arrington Vineyards

Day 3 - 10/18/09

Awake at 9:10 am and ready for some coffee. There were no other sounds in the apartment yet so I figured I was the only person awake. I went downstairs to make the coffee and Whit got up and joined me in the kitchen. I thought I heard movement upstairs, so I went to see if the girls were awake. April was in the bathroom and Casey was sitting in her bed deleting emails from her Blackberry. I joined Casey in her bed followed soon after by April.

We headed downstairs where I made my mocha coffee concoction for April and Casey. It's half a pack of hot chocolate mix, sprinkled with some marshmallows, add french vanilla creamer then fill mug with dark roast coffee. Stir and enjoy! It's a little too much for summer, but it's perfect for a crisp, fall morning.

We sat around the table drinking our mocha coffee's and eating oreos for a hot second before we remembered that we were in the midst of watching Christmas Vacation last night when everyone got too tired to continue. So to the living room we went to finish. Lines were quoted, laughs were laughed, and emotions brought a little tear of happiness at the end. Okay, so we're a bunch of saps. At least we know what's important - family! Be it Griswald or Dunn, being with family always brings out emotions. Our family watches Christmas Vacation every year (so I'm told) when they get together to celebrate Christmas. The gathering is usually the weekend before or after Christmas. I am not usually there since I'm blessed if I can get Christmas Eve and Day off. So the opportunity to sit and watch the movie on Sunday morning with my sibling cousins was a treat and a joy.

In the car on the way to Arrington Vineyard, we had an interesting discussion about facebook and how posting photos, etc. gives people too much information about us. We talked about how we have to filter our lives because of people we're friends with on the worlds largest networking site. I choose not to filter. This is my life. I don't set out to offend, but this is my life. My life.

The Arrington Vineyard was one of those art imitates life moments as there is a vineyard on Brothers & Sisters called Walker Landing. We spent about an hour-and-a-half hanging out at the vineyard. We ate, drank a bottle of wine, and took many pictures. The comedy of the situation was, a.) finding a place to put the camera so the timer could be set then, b.) the photogs (April or Casey) running to join the pose already in progress. In an ironic twist, we stopped to get our lunch at McAlister's, which happens to be the last name of the character played by Rob Lowe on B&S! Not planned, just coincidence.

We dropped Leah off at the airport and began the goodbye process. She was the first to depart from our weekend. We returned to Casey and Whit's and gave Whit a call to find out where he was and asked him to come home so that April could say goodbye. She was the second departure of the day. Whit had a football game and was unable to go to Arrington Vineyard with us. There was no sweetness to the sorrow of the parting.

We went to Kirkland's at the Cool Springs Galleria, TJ Max, and Bed, Bath & Beyond in search of pictures frames. We took many pictures this weekend and all of us are going to want to frame at least one of them. It would be nice if we all had the same frame, but being individuals, we will probably all choose a different picture and will need a frame that compliments that picture.

No picture frames were purchased!

When we got home from shopping, we ordered Domino's and settled in to actually watch Brothers & Sisters. Not everyone was still there, but our "Walker" weekend culminated in Casey, her boyfriend Matt, Whit, and I actually spending time with the Walkers.