Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Tiffany & Co.

Today started with the check of a website that I meant to check last night but forgot. I was reading the new Vanity Fair and saw an ad for the Tiffany & Co. keys. The keys are pendants in sterling silver, yellow gold, white gold, platinum, titanium, some of them set with diamonds. The copy in the ad read: AN INTRIGUING INVITATION. A REVEALING DISCOVERY. A PROMISE OF ADVENTURE. A WHISPERED ROMANCE. A QUESTION ANSWERED. A SECRET KEPT. Exciting!! I remembered that I had been interested in checking out the pendants ever since I had seen Blair Waldorf wear one on Gossip Girl. My facebook friends know that according to the Gossip Girl quiz, I am Blair Waldorf. A perfect choice. Watchers of Gossip Girl know that Blair loves the film Breakfast at Tiffany's. So after the coffee was brewed and poured I decided to go to and look through squinted eyes at the prices of the keys. I fully opened my eyes when I realized not all of them were priced out of reach. The one I wanted was affordable.

I got dressed in my gym clothes, cut off sweats and t-shirt, and headed to the gym. When the planned workout for the day was finished, I knew that my train home had a stop on 5th Avenue. I debated whether or not to get off on that stop or just take the train home and come back later. I was dressed pretty casual in sweaty sweats to be going to Tiffany & Co. I decided to get off the train at 53rd and 5th.

As I approached the door I had to make a choice. I could acknowledge my clothing and act out of place or not acknowledge my clothing and act like I belonged there. I chose the latter. The employees didn't know anything about me. I was ready to spend some money in Tiffany & Co. I acted the part beautifully. I asked an employee about the pendants and was pointed to the third floor. Tiffany & Co. is one of those old school stores that has an elevator operator who announces the floor and what's on it. I was so glamorous in my sweats.

I didn't have to wait very long for someone to help me. I asked for the two keys I wanted to see. I put them both on my necklace and admired them in the mirror. It took a mere five minutes to make the decision. Less than five minutes after that I was walking out of Tiffany & Co. with a sterling silver Vintage Oval Key pendant, in a Tiffany blue box tied with a white ribbon, in the Tiffany blue bag. After 12 years in the City I had finally made my first purchase at Tiffany & Co. As I walked home, all I could do was smile and call my friend Josette. I knew she would completely understand what I was feeling.

Almost as a way of celebrating, I wanted Josette and Matt to go with me to a wine bar. I know it's just a piece of jewelery, but it was a big deal to me.

We decided to go to Bar 71 on 71st and Columbus. I was the first to arrive and it was crowded. I mean there wasn't even a seat to be had outside. Considering how windy and chilly it was today that was surprising. I sent Josette a text regarding the situation. She suggested another location on 72nd Street - Riposo 72.

Riposo 72 wasn't perfect, as it was too loud, but the wine selection was plenty and our choices proved good ones. The Malbec and Pinot Noir were especially nice.

There was good conversation, good wine, some grilled flat bread, and yes, a moment of admiring my new piece of jewelery.

Blair Waldorf would have been proud!