Monday, October 19, 2009

Nashadena Weekend ~ The Slaughterhouse

Day 2 - 10/17/09

I awoke this morning feeling well rested. I knew after all of the events of yesterday, I would sleep well and long. I heard the girls talking after I got up and proceeded to Casey's room and piled in the bed with them.

My sister, April, soon went downstairs to put the cinnamon rolls into the oven. We joined her where I finished making the coffee that she started for me. The house quickly filled with the smells of cinnamon and coffee. We all convened in the kitchen, the center of any home filled with love, and talked about last night while soaking up the fact that we were all actually there together for the first time since last December.

We sat around the table eating breakfast, reminiscing, and talking about our lives. It was such an easy camaraderie. Even the bursts of attitude or sarcasm were taken without hurt feelings. We were just being ourselves and it was easy.

Modern Family is a show that all of us but April had seen this season. Since only four episodes had aired we watched all four. The show is so funny. Even upon repeated viewings I still laughed. We snacked a bit on chips and salsa joined by some Kroger cookies. Pajamas and blankets with food and laughter was a recipe for a good morning.

It was so amazing to just be in every moment together. The moments are so rare and this time together was something all of us needed. It made me think of a Brothers & Sisters episode where everyone ended up at the Ohai house. Granted Casey and Whit are at home, but the rest of us are visiting and it seemed an easy leap in my imagination.

Sitting around with Whit listening to new music while waiting for the girls to get dressed for the day was not only informative but perfect. There was nowhere to be so there wasn't a feeling of wasting time. We were just hanging out and enjoying the music. Whit even helped me figure out how to CAPS lock my Blackberry. See, informative.

I went upstairs to see what the girls were up to and realized that all of us except for Whit were wearing a shade of gray with brown shoes. Very interesting for me since I had gotten dressed without ever seeing any of the girls.

We finally left the house to get lunch at dinner time. It seemed we all wanted burgers so we went to Rotier's Restaurant. It was very much a diner where we filled our bellies with all things fried: pickles, cheese sticks, pepper poppers, & onion rings! We consumed the sustenance of beef as well. Oddly enough when our burgers were delivered to our table April realized that she and I (siblings) had ordered the same cheese burger. Casey and Whit (siblings) had ordered the same cheese burger. Leah, an only child, ordered a completely different burger than the rest of us!

On the drive home the song "I Gotta Feelin'" by the Black Eyed Peas had us in stitches as we all sang along. After it was over we heard the song played again and realized April had recorded us on her phone. Needless to say, that song was the mantra of the weekend!

During Apples to Apples we poured the wine and loaded the table with pumpkin muffins, Kroger cookies, and double stuff Oreos. We had so much fun playing the game that it should have been illegal. We laughed even harder when April put a phone call from her children on speaker phone. Abbi's conversation was fine, but when Dylan took the phone he was convinced that "Momma" had hung up as he couldn't seem to hear her. Bless his heart, he kept calling her name trying to get her to answer and every time she did, but he couldn't hear it and we would laugh harder. Mo-mma! Then the phone went dead as he hung up. She called back and he asked why she wouldn't talk. She explained as well as a mother can to her 4 year old.

The ab workout from all the laughter today was good for us as we ate nothing but crap.

We went to The Slaughterhouse, Nashville's longest running haunted house. The line moved pretty quickly outside and for $10 we spent the next 20 minutes clutching each other, screaming, laughing, and walking through a fantastically scary haunted house. I was in the front with Leah, but honestly the four of us were moving as a blob. At one point April and Casey were certain that Leah had fallen. April said she thought she pee'd a little and nearly had a panic attack anticipating the clown room by looking at the neon clown faces painted on the wall. It wasn't nearly as bad as expected though--the pee or the clown. It was so worth the money. My heart was racing and the adrenaline had us all pumped. April wanted to go to another one, Casey wanted to go dancing, and Leah said she wanted a bowl of Fruit Loops and she'd get back to us.

Finally back at Casey and Whit's we relived moments from The Slaughterhouse as we told Whit about the experience and laughed more as the pounding of our adrenaline-drenched hearts returned to normal. We cracked open another bottle of wine and settled in for another night of bonding and chilling in Nashadena.