Wednesday, September 9, 2009

France became NYC

Those of you who read my blog know that I bought a new book on Monday - My Life In France by Julia Child. Odd as it may seem, it just occurred to me today that it is the title I used for my blog. Of course,France became NYC. I know that this book is the basis for the "Julia" portion of the film Julie & Julia. I didn't know that when I saw the film or when I created my blog.

I had such a desire to begin the book that this morning I finished the book I was reading - Dead And Gone by Charlaine Harris. It's the ninth novel in the series about Sookie Stackhouse. The HBO series True Blood is based on this series of novels. That was the sixth book in the series that I've read this year. I guess you could say I've spent over half of 2009 immersed in the goings on in Bon Temps, Louisiana.

I am looking forward to the change of pace. Already I'm excited by her storytelling and she's just arrived in France. I will not compare my blog with her book, but I was reminded of the stories I tell about my experiences. We both just speak from an honest voice and tell the reader about our day, our lives. It's the same thing. The biggest difference is she's the famous Julia Child and I'm not famous - YET! I already enjoy how she conveys her experiences and am excited about conveying mine.

There's so much in life to be excited about. Simply put, I say "thank you" every morning as my feet touch the ground because I have a new day to live and experience my life. If life is what you make it then I want to continue creating one hell of a life.