Friday, September 11, 2009

Haute Hippie

Oh my God! So there I was at the Time Out New York spring fashion preview party for Haute Hippie 2010. The fashion, the models, the music, the open bar. My friend Michael got an invite from the party host, Time Out New York Magazine, so he invited me and our friend Jonathan to go. Of course I was jazzed to go. It was a no brainer. I mean I had just completed the September issue of Vogue two days before he sent the invitation. Hello ~ fashion!

The party was from 7-10pm. We arrived fashionably late by 30 minutes. There were lots of people at La Pomme. The establishment wasn't even ready to open to the public, but was still perfect to house this event.

There were lots of models wearing gorgeous clothes just standing around on platforms. It wasn't the typical fashion show with a runway. I was thrilled by the clothes, but more enthralled by the shoes! I realize this designer didn't design the shoes, but damn there are some hot shoes available for women!

We got a glass of wine from the bar and proceeded to the rear of the club to have our picture taken in the photo area. We watched a couple of models ham it up before it was out turn. When Michael, Jonathan and I sat down we were joined by four of the models. We had a good laugh messing around with the models as the photos were being snapped.

Back to bar for a refill. It was free after all. There were cute boys in boxers and wife beaters passing around hors d'oeuvres . I didn't want any of the hors d'oeuvres , but if some of the boys had been on the platter I would have taken seconds.

We met some cool people and got bumped by some less than cool people and after three drinks each decided it was time to head to a gay bar in midtown. Therapy (the bar) here we come.

We had a great time at Therapy. There's always something pretty to look at at Therapy. We had some of that at the table on either side of us. Jonathan was by far the most outgoing of us three so thanks to him we met all of our table neighbors.

We soon tired of Therapy and moved on to Vlada which was so packed that we decided not to stay and headed slightly west to Posh. At Posh, my friends, we had a fantastic time. We had only one drink each, but the DJ was playing the best dance music available right now. We danced because we loved the song. We danced 'cause we couldn't sit still. We danced even though we had consumed too many adult beverages. We danced even though we were tired. It was amazing.

Tonight was a party night. From the fashion preview to the gay bar. We need to take more moments in our lives to let loose and have fun. My friends and I decided we should do it weekly.