Saturday, September 19, 2009

A Walk Home

Tonight I took myself to dinner. It wasn't our first date, but the first in a long time. After dinner I decided to enjoy the crisp Fall evening and walk home. There were so many cool things to see that I decided to photograph the journey.

I was heading East on 57th Street toward 54th between 1st & 2nd. These pictures are things that I found beautiful or interesting on the way home. A glimpse of the City through my eyes.

1. Carnegie Hall
2. The top of a hotel
3. The same hotel reflected in the building across the street
4. Bergdorf Goodman
5. A manequin at Bergdorf's
6. 57th & 5th
7. Yves Saint Laurent
8. 5th Avenue traffic
9. Burberry, Miu Miu, and Chanel
10. Chanel window
11. Dior with watch retailer Tourneau reflected
12. Dior window
13. Prada
14. 57th & Park
15. Monkey sculpture with empty chair
16. Architecture
17. Through the circle
18. Lexington Ave
19. Cluster of Buildings
20. Blur (or the City)
21. 54th & 2nd