Monday, August 31, 2009


Could it actually be a breakthrough? Did anyone feel the earth shift?

I went in search of several things for my apartment today. Things I either need (blinds, storage cube) or want (dishes). I hit brick walls of price, size, or availability around every corner.

The storage cube, even though on sale, was more expensive than I remembered. The dinner plate of the dish set is bigger than I thought, but only by a 1/4". I think it will actually be okay. The people at Home Depot don't seem to be able to keep the 35" X 72" blinds that I need in stock at that size. They've had four boxes of them, already cut to 30" X 72" for a week. Hello, order some more and leave them at the correct size for those of us who need them cut to 32" X 72". I'm just making a suggestion!

Anyway, I kept my frustration at bay. I did get frustrated in Home Depot that there didn't seem to be a customer service rep available to help me, but that's a different story not covered by this blog. Progress!!

I realized I can keep looking for the right storage cube and I can have patience for the availability of blinds in my size to increase.