Friday, August 14, 2009

Julie & Julia

Today was a day for hanging out with an old friend. A friend who just informed me has been my friend for 7 years. I just moved across town to Midtown East 2 weeks ago today and she wanted to see my apartment and my new 'hood.

We had some lunch and a little Pinkberry, my first experience there I might add, then headed up to the movie theatre on 64th and 2nd. We went to see Julie & Julia. It was one of the best movie going experiences ever in NYC as it was full of older people who couldn't be bothered to text or talk on their cell phones during the film.

As for the film, it was wonderful and inspiring. It's the whole reason for this blog. Julie Powell decided to cook her way through Julia Child's cookbook in a year. She was committed and reached her goal. She blogged about it and people actually read it and cared. Deciding to do something and them having the focus and drive to see it through is something that I want.

Right now so many emotions have been brought to the surface because of the move. It's stressful and traumatic and made me question my existence in New York City. I wanted to run away from everything. I even thought of leaving the City. Then I woke up yesterday and decided to make this new apartment my home.

I do want to be in NYC and that means I need to take advantage of what this fantastic city has to offer. Julie Powell decided to cook and write about it and I've decided to actually live, instead of just exist, in NYC. I'm gonna write about it.

Here we go!!