Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Wine Rack

Tonight I found myself smiling as I looked at my wine rack. The explanation is simple really. I bought wine last night to put on the rack and looking at the rack tonight with actual bottles on it made me happy.

I wanted a wine rack for a very long time. I put off buying one because I either didn't have the space for a big one with a cabinet and drawer or I didn't like the options in the smaller counter top models.

Then I found one that hangs on the wall from Crate and Barrel. I saw it online and then saw it hanging in the store. I walked out with it that day. I looked around my old apartment for the right place to hang it and then discussed the placement with my roommate. I measured and drew lines and measured some more and hammered and then hung the wine rack. It was crooked. So I started over with the drawing and the measuring and the hammering. It was still crooked. I gave up on the wall idea and just sat it on top of my low bookshelf.

When I moved into my new apartment there was a wall that was screaming to hold the wine rack. I knew it needed to be there. My friend Michael came over and did the drawing and the measuring this time and with a little help from me telling him that one hole is lower than the other, he got it right and finally it's on a wall.

The wine I purchased last night was a gift to myself and a symbol of my independence in the new space. I didn't have to ask anyone if I could hang the wine rack there and I know, as long as I remember to replenish, there will always be a bottle for me to enjoy.

Two things that I love coming together created one ear-to-ear grin!