Saturday, August 15, 2009

What a pain in my...feet!

So today started like any other Saturday. My alarm went off, I got up, I showered, made coffee, put on the outfit I chose to wear, and as I reached for my shoes...I changed my mind. I decided to wear the cute Kenneth Cole shoes instead of the "no-name" burgandy boots. Then I left for work. I swiped my metrocard paying no attention to the hand written black and white signs hanging on each turnstile. I knew there were service interruptions this weekend so I didn't bother to read the sign. As I waited for my E train to take me 3 little stops across town to work, an MTA employee starting shouting on the platform that there was no E train service in this station all weekend. "That is not what the signs say," I say to him. He tells me the signs were printed incorrectly. I decided to just walk to work today. Not a bad choice considering it's a straight shot across the city. However, the cute Kenneth Cole shoes are tight and by the time I got to work my feet were throbbing. Sometimes we suffer for fashion right?

As the morning turned into afternoon, I sent a text to my best friend Matt to ask if we could hang out tonight. Turns out he was doing some shopping and needed to head down to Soho. We went to Valhalla first for a Hefeweizen then headed to the subway. After a day of mostly standing or sitting, that meant more walking in the cute but tight Kenneth Cole shoes.

From 54th and 9th we walked to the subway on 55th and 7th, took the subway down to 8th and Broadway walked down to East Houston and Broadway then back up to 8th and Broadway then over to 7th Avenue South and Bedford. If you're not from here that is a lot of walking. By the time we reached our destination - Daddy O - I thought I might have to start limping.

Off my feet and sitting at the bar in Daddy O I could only have wished for a little more air conditioning. This was my first time in this little corner bar/restaurant in the West Village. First on the agenda was a cold beer. I followed Matt's lead and ordered the house beer, Daddy-O Kolsch. It was a refreshing, light, summer ale. One of the appetizer specials was chilled, peeled shrimp. Perfect for a warm summer evening. For dinner it was another first. I ordered the fried catfish sandwich. Any of you that know me know that I rarely eat fried fish. It just seemed like the right thing to order. A side of hush puppies would have been nice, but I took advantage of the tater tots. Couldn't eat them all though. Where is Napoleon Dynamite when you need him.

Tonight there was good conversation and good food in a new place on a street on which I've never been.

When it came time to leave the only logical choice was to hale a cab. There was no way I was walking to and from the subway. I wasn't even willing to walk one avenue to hale a cab going in the right direction. "It can loop around after I'm in it," was my thought.

It's so nice to be sitting on my sofa, wiggling my toes. Thankfully my feet aren't bleeding, but I may have to wear flip flops tomorrow.