Friday, August 21, 2009

Thursdays with Rheaume

I rode the bus home from work tonight with Rheaume. She's a co-worker of mine. She's always good for a story about something past or present in her life, the show she's in or rehearsing (she's a musical theatre actress), or from the Bible. Usually there is some element that makes me laugh. I'm a storyteller myself. Never leaving out a detail. I tend to go for the funny. If I do something ridiculous you can bet it's going to end up one of my stories.

Musical theatre, church, and storytelling are what we have in common.

Tonight waiting on the bus she mentioned a song she should learn - Another Hundred People. It's from the musical COMPANY by my favorite composer, Stephen Sondheim. Discussing that one song led to me exclaiming my love for the man. She isn't very familiar with his body of work. I may have to change that. The Sondheim talk gave way to Kander and Ebb talk. A songwriting duo that I also adore. She was singing a song softly to me on the bus that I have never heard. She sang another song of theirs on the walk to 1st Avenue which I've never heard. What kind of a fan am I? She also mentioned the song Colored Lights from THE RINK. I was able to listen to that one on my ipod on my walk home from the bus. Listening to a song that so perfectly captures the moment is such a beautiful thing. It amazes me that a song can grow from an idea or line of dialogue or gesture in a scene and become something that truly defines the character or moves the plot.

This is the second week in a row that I've taken the bus with Rheaume on Thursday night. I truly enjoy it. It's a moment away from work where we can just be 2 people talking about whatever we choose. From 50th and 8th to 50th and 2nd we let go of the stress that is our jobs and just hang out during a bus ride that is much too short. I look forward to the next conversation.