Sunday, August 16, 2009

True Blood and Queens

Most of you who know me know that I've rarely ventured to another borough. I tend to stay put on the island of Manhattan. However, in the past week I've been to Astoria, Queens, more times than I can count on one hand. That's a lot considering I've been here 12 years. My friend Michael from work lives in Astoria. Our friendship has grown stronger over the past couple of weeks as he's been a very positive cheerleader in respect to my move, and he's extremely handy with a drill.

Tonight he invited me to come to his apartment after work and watch True Blood. He said Katrin was cooking. Katrin is also a co-worker of ours. She's staying with Michael as she looks for an apartment. She prepared beef wrapped in bacon complimented with rosemary potatoes and salad. We ate like we hadn't eaten in weeks. It was one of those lick the plate kind of meals. Good food, good wine, and good friends. What more could a person ask for. Well, ask and ye shall receive. It was another fantastic episode of True Blood.

We sat stuffed on fabulous food staring captivated at the television as Bill, Sookie, Eric, Godric, Jason, Jessica, Hoyt, Hoyt's mama, Tara, Eggs, Maryann, Sam, & Lafayette entertained us with an after dinner melodrama.

It never ceases to be less than a bloody good time!